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Adventure is closer than you think

Nature. Untouched, wild and inviting. Natural beauty for the eye and the soul. Dense tropical jungle and mysterious underwater worlds. Imagine an ecotourism adventure in one of the world’s few untouched environments. We’re the world’s watersports capital, and your aquatic adventure choices include everything from hour-long tours in a semi-submarine to view astounding marine life – or more challenging trips, including snorkeling, scuba diving or overnighters on sparsely inhabited islands to spy on nocturnal creatures or scuba dive wrecked ships. Maybe you’d like to dive with sleeping sharks. Or take a boat to Isla Contoy and the breeding grounds of thousands of frigates and pelicans. You can take a day trip to snorkel beside unexcavated ancient ruins or meet sharks and crocodiles face to face. The fly- and deep-sea fishing are great, too!

What’s your passion? In Cancun you can skydive or scuba dive. Caravan a jeep to ancient ruins or dive into the unknowable deep of a cave. Trek into perfectly preserved wildlife preserves and witness nature at her best first hand. Take a catamaran or a wave runner into the brilliant blue sea. Explore ancient ruins. You don’t have limits, and neither does adventure in Cancun.

Like the edge? Experience the Hidden Worlds of Aktunchen’s cave system, or rappel into the heart of the Pac Chen cenote crystal clear waters. See nature at her finest in our biosphere reserves, bird sanctuaries and marine parks.

It’s not far, either. Real adventure is two air-hours from most USA air hubs, or an easy connection from just about anywhere else in the world.

Come alone, bring a partner or the whole family and discover together. Adventure is closer than you think!


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